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How it Works


400+ Viral Pieces

Maximizing your content’s reach
and impact with our skilled team.

Exported and Optimized Files

Get professionally edited and
optimized files for seamless publishing.


30 Engaging Topics

We’ll generate engaging ideas and questions for your monthly video content.


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John Doe


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John Doe

A Smooth Journey from Start to Finish

Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience for you:


Client Onboarding

We’ll guide you through the onboarding process, making sure you have all the necessary information to get started.


Complete a simple form that helps us understand your content goals and In terms of your content marketing strategy and plan?

Question Prompts

Our researchers will send you relevant questionnaires that your industry to gather more details about your content.

Send us your raw Footage

As soon as you’re done answering the prompts for your Video content. Provide us with the footage you’d like us to work with, and our team will take it from there.

Curate and Produce Contents

Our expert video editors, designers and writers will curate the best moments from your footage and produce content pieces.

Social Quotes and Captions

We’ll export captivating quotes and captions on a CSV sheet, ready for your social media platforms.

Publish on Social Media Platforms

Start sharing your content across various platforms and witness the impact of our high-volume content creation.

400+ Contents!


$1995/ Month

We require an initial three-month commitment and an investment of $5985 to kick things off. After that, the contract renews monthly and can be canceled with just a 30-day notice.


Ready to supercharge your content creation?

Contact us today and experience the exhilaration of high-volume content creation. Bid farewell to the tedious tasks and say hello to a seamless and efficient content creation process.

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Common Questions

We send it via Google Sheets each month.

No, the deliverables cannot be modified.

We recommend using an HD webcam and recording it over Zoom. The higher the quality, the better. It’s up to you what device you want to record on. If you would rather record on your phone, that works as well.
Yes, we are launching an add-on service eventually. It will include a VA that will post to social media for an additional $995 per month. You will record and approve the content and then they can take it from there.
Currently, we do not but should have one soon. we’ll let you know once we do, just leave us an email at hello@cliprabbit.co.
No, they are slightly different to meet the criteria of each platform. One platform may have a shorter video length limit and/or have different resolution requirements. Example: The requirements for YouTube Shorts are 60 seconds with 1920×1080 resolution. Facebook Reels are 30 seconds with 500×888 resolution.

They’re captions that go with each social post and below is a breakdown:

10 Captions for Social Quotes
60 Captions for Tweets/Threads
30 Captions for Reels
2 Captions/Description for the YT
2 Caption for the Infographics Post

Yes. Our writers are trained to write articles optimized for SEO. based on the keyword utilized

Yes, we also utilize keywords.

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